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K. Owatari Designs: Aesthetics of Japanese Design

Japanese Landscape & Garden

Japanese style garden landscape designs Award winning Japanese garden design service company for traditional, contemporary Japanese gardens, koi ponds, and monumental works of art, natural stone elements, contemporary water features.

There are several distinctive design concepts, of style and type of Japanese Landscape & Garden artistic design. Each design has it's own effectiveness in presentation by utilizing many elements of nature to provide the sensibilities of grace, peace and simplicity in it's design. Most if not all the practicing artisan and designer of Japanese landscape & garden design, one must have the education and training passed down through the ages by a sensei or a master to qualify in delivering the art form in a professional manner.

Perspective : Landscape & Garden Design

japanese landscape garden designProfessional Landscape & Garden Design designer, Kohei Owatari is a designer that provides landscape and zen garden design service through out San Diego - Los Angeles (LA) CA area, Southern California and nation wide. From traditional style to contemporary Japanese landscape and garden design service, he also has combined European garden, landscape influenced design concepts to give a unique one of kind style in Western settings.

Quote: "The beauty of creating design and implementation is to crystallize the notion that nature is not to be subordinated, rather that we are part of nature. It is crucial to protect and create an environmentally friendly landscape, garden koi pond and water garden for our natural environment. "

Ecologically & environmentally friendly (eco - friendly) landscape & garden design tend to be highly effective in inducing high level of appreciation of the natural beauty in Kohei Owatari's designs, Creating a natural design in a natural environment to provide every reason to believe the beauty and art of nature in your own surroundings.

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